In the LABEN, they can combine in a way that is compatible with the producers.
Input controls are aimed to reach the product in the easiest way if the placement of all kinds of materials according to the warehouse layout plan is done properly.
The aim is to store finished products that are finished with production, to be packaged in such a way as to prevent protection against damage that may arise and damage.
Warehouse Officers are responsible for the implementation and follow-up of the instruction.
The relevant manufacturing supervisors are responsible for the implementation of the instruction and follow-up of the application.
3.1-Place any semi-finished products, products or raw materials that are subject to input controls in the place to be separated according to the relevant warehouse placement plan.
3.2-Pay attention to the first entry of the first material.
3.3-Put a promotional label on them so that they do not mix.
3.4-Place items with excess circulation within easy reach.
3.5-Place related materials in close proximity to each other.
3.1-Use absolutely appropriate packaging material for finished products that have completed the production phase.
3.2-If the final inspection report has been established for the contracted products or if there is no such substance in the contract, put the products in proper packaging.
3.3-Do not use torn packaging material.