Bench Materials

Laboratory benches do not resemble kitchen benches or other work benches. The surface of the lab bench should be ready for a strong chemistry and pulsation at any moment. Laben Laboratory systems offer a number of over-the-counter alternatives to your long-life use. These are the three most commonly used ones;   Stoneware: Industrial ceramic countertops are a durable, ergonomic and aesthetically superior material that can be used for many years to prevent damages that may occur due to the use of all chemicals. It provides full strength against all acids and chemicals except hydrofluoric acid at every temperature and concentration. It has 37 mm thickness with its raised edges or 22 mm thickness with its edges and 7 different color options. It is a non-scratch, wear-resistant material with high mechanical resistance against impact.   Trespa: We use Trespa Top Lab PLUS as Laben Laboratory System. The product is a material produced for the laboratory work bench. 13,16 and 20 mm thickness, 305x153 cm and 186x250 cm in one piece in the form of plates are produced. Many chemicals, impact and scratch resistance is a product.   Stainless Steel: It is applied with various thicknesses (2-5 mm) and the best quality 304 - 166 DKP stainless steel surface used for flexibility with 25 mm plywood under 5 - 10 cm recessed skirting according to purpose. Hiyenik and cleaning are easy, resistant to chemical and special biochemical materials.
  • Stainless Steel

  • Industrial Ceramics / Stoneware

  • Trespa