Taking necessary precautions to ensure that the work done at LABEN is quality, undamaged and reliable
The relevant operators are responsible for their suitability.
3.1- The required measurements are taken with very rigorous work
3.2- Draft picture drawer.
3.3- After the measurements are taken, 2-3 technical drawings are drawn and displayed on the computer.
3.4- Present to the customer for approval.
3.5- If approved, a contract is signed on the technical drawing form on the contract discovery and assembly form.
3.6- The space in which the products will be installed takes the necessary precautions. (Cleaning and Security)
3.7- Laboratory workbenches are replaced.
3.8- Remove the foil.
3.9- Cleaning work is done.
3.10- He'il sign the delivery receipt.
3.11- Customer satisfaction questionnaire form is prepared.